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coming home

"It's about


My name is Amanda, I'm in love with my husband, my kids & I believe in this happy little life we built. We just recently built a home in Maryland, however I serve the entire East Coast including DC , all of Maryland and Virginia.  I love to Travel and have shot in internationally in Canada and as far west as Montana! Click the arrow to read more!

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I believe there's a part of your forever when you say I DO. It's so much bigger than the dress or the party. The honor is mine each and every time I photograph a couple promise their lives to each other. In front of the most important people in their lives, in front of God. I believe in that promise. The day I shot my first wedding it was like putting on a warm sweater and picking up a cup of coffee. It was natural. I kiss my kids and husband goodbye and I spend the day with people who are filled with Joy, love and are grateful not only for each other but they are grateful for me to be a part of their day. It fuels me every day and inspires me to be bigger than myself. I am a wedding photographer. I feel it every wedding when she puts on her dress and smiles, to where she takes that last deep breath before she grabs on to her fathers arm and walks down to the man of her dreams. Those sweet kisses she shares while they dance the night away. I see them all, I feel them all. I photograph them all. I'm grateful for what I do.. I'm a hopeless romantic and words of affirmation are DEFINITELY my love language!!!!! I choose to be happy. <3

I believe pearls can make just about any outfit

even more fabulous

He changed

my life

He cleans after I cook. He tells me I'm the best mom ever and he tells me he's the lucky guy. 

The day we said I DO changed everything. We've grown stronger everyday since that moment. I believe in marriage because of him

He couldn't be more wrong. He changed my life.

because of us....

He loves



me so well

I never thought someone would love me like he does.  

17 years of service this Warrant Officer makes me proud 



meet our

sweet girls


especially Belle

Barbie life in the dream house &
singing in public usually it's a christmas song

Big sister

anything princess

Obsessed with

Lipgloss Swiper


repeat everything
Maya will say

We call her Addie girl

Little sister



I Promise
she will

loves to eat &



on my wedding





THese are the things i love



You can't buy happiness but if you could, it would be from Target and be these things.

If it's not green, I don't want it 

It's a weakness and it drives my husband crazy that most of it hang dries.

I'll take a grande Toffeenut lattte!



I wore these bad boys on my wedding day, If Carrie Bradshaw could why couldn't I?

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