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    Elaine and Sean got married in Virginia Beach at the Oceanfront on a beautiful October day!!! We were so lucky to have a mild beginning to October! Virginian’s NEVER know what kind of weather their going to get and October I feel can be quite the curveball being that it’s still hurricane season […]


I just LOVED Meadowlark Botanical Gardens right outside of D.C. for Monica and Joe’s engagements!!! It was the perfect picturesque spot for them! You know when you talk to people you’ve just met and you walk away from the conversation and just feel all filled with passion??? Well, being a wedding photographer I PRAY that […]


I just loved Chelsea and Travis’ rustic wedding at Back Bay Farms in Virginia Beach. Chelsea and Travis are both First Responders in Virginia Beach and they had a clear vision for their wedding. Rustic, Classic and LOTS of friends and fun. Their job is so serious and scary some days that they really wanted to […]


  I remember sitting in Starbucks with them. Matt, sat across from me and Maggie next to me. She was on cloud nine talking about her wedding day.  Her classic style and how she and I had the color Navy Blue in common. Matt watched her in as she lit up talking about their engagement […]


To say that Lacey isn’t #bridegoals, would just be a lie. This Norfolk Botanical Gardens bridal session was one for the books. Lacey and I hit it off from the moment we spoke, and she’s been the SWEETEST soul ever to me since then. She’s like a southern belle! ha ha Her blonde hair and gorgeous […]


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