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I just loved this GORGEOUS private estate wedding in Williamsburg, Virginia!!! Lacey and Matthew are high school sweethearts who thanks to their Grandfather’s friend had the most spectacular home to have their wedding at! This AMAZING estate was in Williamsburg and was simply gorgeous! I just loved these two to pieces. Lacey had simply the […]

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Gosh, So I can’t believe it’s taken 4 weeks to get this blog out. If anyone knows me personally, they know that I went part time at my day job October of last year. This past month, my counterpart in my office went out on medical leave so I had help in the office, and […]

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Gosh!! I can’t believe I’m pretty much HALF WAY THROUGH!!!! Today marks day 15. We started this crazy healthy journey Monday, February 29th. Today marks the start of week 3!  I feel great! I’ve seen drastic changes in my belly and my energy level has increased!!! It’s crazy! I’ve lost another pound but the inches seem […]


There’s something about Wedding Planners that I just love. Their organization? Their love for weddings??? No, it’s their need to serve. They serve their brides and grooms with the utmost importance.  They have a calling to tend to every bit of a wedding day til the end. They spend countless hours planning, scheduling and doing […]


He’s home!   It’s been a week since he’s returned and the girls and I couldn’t be more excited. A daddy to fix the boo-boo’s, and to pick them up when they cry. Someone warm for them to snuggle with on the couch as well. For me. More sanity, my companion is back. Someone to […]


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