A perfect wooded Maternity Session | Lesley & Brian -

A perfect wooded Maternity Session | Lesley & Brian


Anyone that knows me knows I love being a Mom. I know that motherhood isn’t everyones cup of tea. I have friends that don’t have children and they don’t want any. I think that’s perfectly ok. Some people choose to have their dogs and cats as their children as well. They say two people should raise an animal together before they become parents. I’m not sure where that comes from, maybe it has some truth in it. I mean, when Dominic and I got Finn this past year, it was the first dog we really “raised” together. Zeus our pit bull was a little over a year when he came to LIVE with me. But there’s a lot of yelling involved when you have a puppy. Who let him out last, why he peed on the carpet, why I didn’t pick my shoes up and now he’s chewing on them! (For the record, Finn is NOT a shoe dog. THANK GOODNESS!!!) But I suppose there is a “training” that you get with kids, like animals. Why I just went on about dogs, I’m not sure but stay with me. I’ve been lucky to photograph a lot of couples in my life. Sometimes the natural progression after a wedding is babies. Lesley and Brian were one of those couples. They had their dogs, next up…a baby. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE to watch my brides turn into Mom’s. I love watching their bellies grow on social media. But when those brides become my friends and we share moments like my birthday party and we have back yard BBQ’s together they really become family!! That’s where Lesley and Brian fit in. I’m so excited to watch them become parents. They are going to be so spectacular at it. Lesley is calm yet so loving. Brian is funny and relaxed but outspoken and I’m still trying to figure out who’s going to be the good cop and who’s going to be the bad cop when Baby girl Staub comes into the world. Girls tend to wrap their daddy’s around their fingers quite fast.

Brian is an avid hunter so naturally the woods are just his element. After being rained out the first time, and almost being rained out the second time. We met at Stumpy Lake for a walk in the woods to photography Lesley’s most adorable baby bump. We talked about all things motherhood and probably grossed Brian out just a little. I mean guys don’t feel the most interactive when girls are talking about nursing and breast milk! But he was a good sport. Just like any good dad and husband would be! You guys are going to be AMAZING parents. Lesley has already dreamed about keeping the house safe and taking care of business if anything threatened her and her child. So I feel very confident that you are in the BEST hands baby girl. Although I don’t know her name yet and it’s KILLING ME. She’s so loved already and I can’t wait to snuggle her!!!


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