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Angleton Family | The Deployment Sessions | Virginia Beach Deployment Photographer

Oh Rose, Rose has my heart.

As my first family I got to step in to her messy middle and see her life first hand. It was such a beautiful life. Rose, is married to a sailor named Jake and those two made beautiful babies now known as Gavin, Ace, Maddox and she’s expecting the arrival of Stella Ann very soon! Let me tell you a little something about this Mamma. She’s strong and fierce! She’s raising boys, she’s been trucking through a deployment for months now. MONTHS. See Jake is with VFA-143 on the Truman. Rose has been crushing this deployment pregnant and alone. She has wonderful friends and neighbors, but no family down the road to call. We talked about her life, how she’s just jumped in to selling the famous LulaRoe (click that button to buy you some Cassie skirts (my favorite) and we talked about how hard it’s been on her. How stressful her days are. How overwhelming her days are. We discussed the fact that she will most likely deliver Stella without Jake by her side and she’s ready for it. Although I know how emotionally hard that hospital visit was the other day when it really hit you that – he’s not going to be there. But having your family in town and to be by your side will be a close runner up….. and Well- as a Mom, she and I know Stella isn’t going to wait any longer than she needs to. As you all know the U.S.S. Truman’s deployment was recently extended by 30 days which my heart sank for all those Moms, Dad’s and children that had to get that news. But thankfully not to long after the expected date of arrival of sweet Stella, Jake will be home and he will be able to hold those kids and kiss that KICK ASS wife of his!!!

Rose, thank YOU for your service. Thank you for taking care of the house, the kids, the laundry, dinner and lunch and finding your own way of keeping your cool when things get rough. I can’t wait for Jake to come home and for your family to be complete!

Sending my love to you daily and always praying for you,



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