Dear Husband after 7 years of Marriage

7 Years down, a lifetime to go

Dear Dominic,


It’s hard to believe that 7 years ago we promised forever. That day was pretty overwhelming for me. I had dreamed about it this entire life. But being that I was 30, I well quite honestly, never thought the day would come. Years of failed relationships and bad choices you stepped into my life. What began as a friendship somehow found it’s way to love. I’ll be honest. The first time I saw you, wait….the 2nd time I saw you (we were set up unknowingly the first time and I wasn’t interested whatsoever-) I thought to myself. Why isn’t he with ME???? He’s cute, funny, everyone likes him. But God had his own plan for a Wednesday and a funny story to forever be a part of HOW I got that date. Because let’s be honest. I was the assertive one and asked YOU to take me out. What a whirlwind our relationship was. Dating through deployment after deployment. Never knowing WHEN you would be home or WHERE you were going. Just praying you would be home soon and safe. That was our life.

I tell almost every bride about our wedding day, and how I married a guy named Derrick and how my marriage is just fine given a couple of goof ups that day and to take their day and soak it in no matter what. To say we haven’t had our fair share of obstacles and hard times is an understatement. From fighting the battle of family, losing our grandparents, my Aunt on your BIRTHDAY, deployments after deployments and sometimes coming home one or two men less. You’ve battled all kinds of wars. You’re the bravest, strongest, and smartest man I know. The one thing that stays unwavering is your love. We promised forever on May 15, 2010. We promised we would be there for one anther no matter what. We promised a life that would be filled with arguments, and we knew that it would be an uphill battle but we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we endure. We would never wave that white flag. We would NOT go gently. We were FOREVER. Til death do us part. We believe it soooo fiercely. There’s a couple things I’ve learned about marriage in our 7 years of being Mr. & Mrs.

1) Marriage gives us the family we needed. Of course I started witht this one. Because I feel it’s one of the most important ones. We live in a world where marriages don’t last anymore sadly. Divorce is easy to get and most people grow up with 4 parents vs 2. While every dynamic is different and that’s OK. We wanted something different. Family history can be messy and it makes for interesting stories growing up. But you and I promised our life the way WE wanted it. We love our parents but we promise to be better than them. We want to break the mold. We want to be an EXTRODINARY team. I love that about you. I think the Navy loves that about you and it’s probably why you’ve moved up the ladder so fast in your almost 18 years of service.

2) Marriage brings a lot of bad days. People talk about that 7-year itch. I’m confused on what it is because we’ve hit a lot of crap in our time together. We’ve mourned, fought and Lord had enough drama but I’ve NEVER ONCE thought about giving up on us. Lately, we are ships passing in the night. This new school you’re in has us both never seeing each other some days. High-Fiving some nights as you walk in and pretty much go straight to bed. But it all seems to be ok when the dust settles. We remember to communicate even IF it’s been bottled up a little and we get through it. This was one of those things we promised. To NEVER give up on each other even when it got tough. Those bad days will pass. But you HAVE TO WORK.


3) Marriage brings BEAUTY. For us, it wasn’t only our happiness marriage has brought us. It brought us our children. 4 legs, 4 arms and 2 REALLY BIG hearts… far. 😉 I don’t know what we would do without Maya and Addison. They are the light of our lives. HANDS DOWN THE BEST THING WE’VE EVER DONE. God is SOO good. He blessed us with the sweetest hearts, the funniest of personalities and faces that constantly light up our lives. God constantly challenges us with them. Testing our patience, but always making us laugh. You gave me two daughters that make my heart want to explode daily. HOW AMAZING is that??? It NEVER changes. EVERY SINGLE DAY I ask myself is it normal to love people this much???? I pray my love for you and these girls will NEVER EVER lessen. Because if this is how life is supposed to feel. I never want it to end.


My love, my forever. Thank you for SEVEN YEARS of marriage. Here are to 50 more. I’m so lucky to do life with you. To fight all the challenges in the world TOGETHER. Here’s to constantly keeping our love tanks filled.

All my love forever,


7 years of marriage by Amanda Manupella Photo credit: Andi & Zoe



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