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You’re EIGHT. I spent the entire day laboring with you EIGHT years ago.  I tell you all the time, that when the doctors gave you back to me after you were washed and clean and smelling like a MILLION BUCKS… I said “I’ve waited my ENTIRE life to meet you.”  I’m still in awe of […]

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Maya Turns EIGHT! 50 questions answered by an 8 year old!

When I was a growing up, I said I’d never marry a first responder or a military guy. Why you ask? I didn’t want to have to open that door one day to be told I’m a widow. It might sound pretty shallow or petty. I realized as I got older and wiser that, well, […]

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Dear Military Spouse

Dear New Owners, I never thought selling a house would be so difficult. The process is excruciating. The prepping to list and the cleaning for showings. But the exciting moment when your agent called with an offer, that was a great day. You were our FIRST showing. TWO days on the market. You knew this […]

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Dear Landstown Court | Personal

I have been so excited to share some big news and keep on sharing stuff through my new newsletter!! I can’t wait to share with you something HUGE this week. And then trickle in things as they happen through this newsletter!     Some of the things you’re going to get when you sign up […]

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It’s Newsletter Time!!!

  Dear 36 Amanda,   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I’m not quite sure where to start because well, I’ve never written a letter to myself. What can I say, 36 years old. Do you remember being 13? Going to the skating rink Fridays and Saturday’s? Life was so easy. I remember my first boyfriend and I remember […]

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Dear 36 | Another Year Gone By

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