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You know what I love about The Deployment Sessions? I LOVE meeting these AMAZING parents! The ones who are like me. They play Mom AND Dad. They do a little bit of everything. These parents are down to earth, they are honest. They know what we do isn’t for the faint hearted and it’s a […]

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A deployment session for an actively deployed Army National Guard service member by Deployment Sessions creator Amanda Manupella.

Belcher Family | Deployment Session

I walked in to Chelsea’s house for her in-home deployment photo session and I felt like I walked into my sister deployment house. Unknowing to me, her husband does Support work like mine does and works for a similar command. Small world huh? I was able to talk her language and in our husband’s type […]

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Haviland Family | Norfolk Deployment Session

It’s sometimes odd walking into someone’s house not knowing them. But I greet everyone the same way. With a hug. I feel like I know these women instantly. I arrived at the George’s and I almost thought I was at the wrong house. There was a gentleman walking outside and an older woman mowing the […]

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George Family | The Deployment Sessions

If you could read with your eyes closed, I’d tell you close them and imagine this. You’re expecting the best gift you can ever be given with your husband. Your first baby. The pregnancy has been a rollercoaster of excitement, and fear of the unexpected. The normal feelings we get as new parents. However, the […]

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Tatum Family | The Deployment Sessions | Chesapeake Photographer

Oh Rose, Rose has my heart. As my first family I got to step in to her messy middle and see her life first hand. It was such a beautiful life. Rose, is married to a sailor named Jake and those two made beautiful babies now known as Gavin, Ace, Maddox and she’s expecting the […]

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Angleton Family | The Deployment Sessions | Virginia Beach Deployment Photographer

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