D.C. Military Maternity Session | Yingst Family

D.C. Military Maternity Session | Yingst Family

One of my favorite families, and this D.C. Military Maternity Family Session isn’t one to disappoint! This sweet family is growing and I couldn’t be more excited about it!


When I met Christine via email we became soul sisters. We thought alike when planning things, both of us were married to handsome Navy guys and we just CLICKED! Fast forward 3 years later, and we’ve had FIVE sessions now and as I type this blog, we are scheduling our SIXTH session because her SWEET BABY BOY JUST ARRIVED!!

Christine and her husband have not only been preparing for the arrival of their son but they’ve also been preparing for a PCS move OCONUS. Which for anyone that doesn’t know, that means a military move overseas. With all this COVID-19 that the world has been dealing with, it seems so hard to even wrap my brain around families moving overseas during this. So just in case, Christine wanted to do something in D.C. To capture their time living in the area.  We had to wait a couple of extra weeks for D.C. to open up and be able to shoot there, but it was worth all the time. We got a beautiful morning we started right as the sun rose. Washington D.C.s Union Station is one of my favorite places to shoot for shade and class. So we started there, moving to the Post Office Museum and then finally to the Mall.  By then their daughter was OVER IT. (See that last picture in the blog as proof.  Not even Puff’s could make her happy!) We had so much fun. D.C. is one of my favorite places to shoot maternity sessions. There’s a lot of options, as long as you make it there before the crowds! Sunrise is the way to go and quite honestly I almost feel like COVID made my job as far as crowds way easier!! I’m pretty sure this is the first thing I’ve ever thanked COVID for!


OH- and to see the history of me and this GORGEOUS family, relive two of my favorite sessions  HERE, and HERE







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