George Family | The Deployment Sessions -

George Family | The Deployment Sessions

It’s sometimes odd walking into someone’s house not knowing them. But I greet everyone the same way. With a hug. I feel like I know these women instantly. I arrived at the George’s and I almost thought I was at the wrong house. There was a gentleman walking outside and an older woman mowing the lawn. I double checked the address and confirmed the house numbers on the mailbox. Yep, I was in the right place. Come to find out, that guy- Was Amanda’s dad. He lives about a mile away and the older lady mowing the lawn? Amanda’s neighbor. She’s never had to mow her lawn since her husband deployed on the Truman. Her neighbors going down 5 homes on each side of her mow her lawn and look out for her daily. A chore that I personally hate doing. Mowing the grass. Nearly impossible with two young children. The noise drowns out what they are doing and just is screaming for mischief.

Amanda was prepping for her night to be over. Which meant, bath time. Parker and Peyton were getting all washed up and I grabbed some quality tubby time (as it’s known in my house) and we moved on to just some play time and me getting to know the Georges. I might have said Awe 3 times when I found out that they have a Panda bear that travels with Harry on his cruise and he takes pictures and sends them to the kids to see Panda’s journey! What a great way for Harry to connect with his children while he’s not actually at home. That single act provides an excited emotion for the kids even though deployments are far from exciting. I think it’s amazing to have something like that for your children to look forward too! Amanda and I talked about the tough days of raising two kids alone. I talked about my days with her and why I was doing my deployments and well, yep. I cried. Ya’ll, I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten teary eyed at EVERY deployment session so far. These women are just so amazing. It’s a privilege to a part of this elite group of Mom’s.


Peyton and Parker were just the best to work with. Apparently Peyton is shy and doesn’t talk to strangers often. I had her chatting up and the idea of showing her Minnie Mouse nightgown and chatting about Sofia the First with me was the best addition to my night.



Days are hard, and you mapping out Harry’s journey on that wall shows what kind of support system you are in your home not only for your children and Harry but the entire United States Military. Supporting our guys while serving is one of the biggest things commands look at when applying to be a part of a command or even sometimes getting orders. I know that it’s a very important question when they are screened for positions. “How supportive is your wife?” Commands want to know about your family situation and being that rock for him. The one that says “Go, deploy, we will be here when you get back” Is going to continue to keep your marriage solid and make a difference in his career. Thank you. Thank you for being that beacon of light to keeps him coming home and stays strong even in the darkest storms. You my friend deserve a pat on the back! I know your time is ending and the Truman is coming home soon after an extension of deployment I hope you guys have the best homecoming and Harry loves these deployment sessions!


xo, A

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