AHH! It’s here! I can’t believe that it’s really here!



I cannot believe I’ve been re-branding, building a website… well Let me correct you. I didn’t build anything. I was blessed to find the most amazing designer out there. When I decided to re-brand my only stipulation was finding someone out of the area to re-brand me. I wanted fresh eyes, someone who knew nothing about me and they had to be a designer. Scrolling through their site, here’s this picture of a lady…holding a cupcake. That’s right a cupcake. Who doesn’t love cupcakes right? I had sent a couple emails out to friends who have current Showit sites and literally at the same time I’m looking at this picture of a designer holding a cupcake, Ashley messages me with: JULIE STORY. I inquired with her and I feel like after the moment she responded I was IN! She’s a mom, she’s got two beautiful children and her work spoke for herself. I went to several of her clients sites, and I just felt a connection. It’s so hard to explain. Something was speaking to me. We went back and forth via email for a couple days and I every day we spoke, I just felt even more convinced she was for me!

Her process was so organized, her work all built into showit plus sites, everything was so clean, and fun and relatable. Even if you didn’t like glitter and cupcakes (which well, what girl doesn’t like a good cupcake??) She believed in serving her clients, building a relationship with them. Everything I honestly believe in doing in my business. I truly believe that when you invest a large amount of money into something you should believe in them. You should like everything they stand for, you should care about them, appreciate them. When you buy a car, you don’t just say “it’s pretty I want it” most people stand behind that brand. If you have a Honda, or a Nissan or a FORD, you generally stick with that brand over and over and over. You enjoy everything about the model and what they offer, the sleek interior, the horsepower the engine has, the look of the outside, the heated leather seats. It’s what you should feel when hiring your photographer. I WANT you to love my kids, know their names. Know my husband is Navy and the last 3 months of the year I’ve been running around with my head cut off, but doing a GREAT job at it!! I want you to understand me, know yes, I’m busy, but NEVER too busy for YOU. Some of the best compliments I can receive in my line of work is – “I’m having a baby and I can’t imagine anyone else taking my maternity photos” or “Can you be my photographer for life???” — UM- YES, I may not do a lot of family photos, but I will NEVER turn you down. I want to be that special someone. That person you’ve “hired” but you know that you can text me on a Saturday night, send me a picture of your dress, ask me a question about your day, or the timeline, or just say… “what’s your opinion on that” Does some of that go past the “job of a photographer” maybe……But I really don’t care. I’m more than a transaction.

And So was Julie. She heard me… she listened, she laughed and she appreciated me. I felt like God was truly at work when he put the two of us together. My first sneak of my site… I’ll never forget. I almost cried. Tears built in my eyes, as I looked at my main page and then clicked on the About me section, she LISTENED. She understood me. She got EVERYTHING I had said to her. My wants, my wishes and my dreams of where my business was headed and where I ultimately saw it going.

We worked together for about 2 1/2 months now. Discussing my brand. My love for stripes, my obsession for the color navy and we even have a nautical for life joke… because I’m by far “Nautical”. (disclaimer, there’s nothing wrong with nautical… my brand just doesn’t say “nautical” because It’s a lot of Navy and stripes!) We talked about my small obsession with clean, classic images. Authentic images. My absolute obsession with Shiplap. I want it all over my house, I want a full wall of it in my bedroom for pete sake. And then there was LOFT. The clothing store is just me. The clean, crisp clothes. Trendy, but relatable to a range of ages. You can put pearls on with just about everything in that store. So we branded around all of that and I’m in love. This site couldn’t be more me.

Julie: Thank you for everything you’ve done. You have brought my ideas to life, you are truly magical. There’s something to be said about doing things you’re meant to do in life. I truly believe you’re doing exactly what you’re suppose to be doing. You’re creativity speaks. Not only have I gained a wonderful colleague but I’ve been blessed with a friend now. Someone I will forever hold dear to me. I’m so thankful God brought us together. Love you!

So that’s it guys. I hope you love EVERYTHING you see! Get lost in the site, I’d LOVE to hear what you think! Comment below and let me know what you think of the new place I call…..




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