A Back Bay Refuge and Little Island Maternity Session

A Little Island Maternity | Josh and Danieall


Oh I can’t get enough of this Little Island and Back Bay Maternity session!! If you don’t already know, Danieall and Josh are a past bride and groom. From our first meeting at Starbucks I felt like these two were the SWEETEST souls I could ever EVER meet. From their passion for capturing their life via GoPro which Josh does regularly and posts for people to see on YouTube and Facebook, to Danieall’s own passion for photography. These two high school sweethearts were seriously the perfect couple. We have seriously though had the BEST light and weather for EVERY SINGLE session. And this is our FOURTH session in 2 years!!! FOURTH! It’s been a joy watching Danieall and Josh promise FOREVER, and then celebrate their 1 year ANNIVERSARY despite the horrible year they had with Danieall’s health and then announcing if their baby was a GIRL or boy and now just this past week their maternity session. Watching Danieall’s belly grow with Norah has been so so sweet. Seeing that Daneiall’s health has been even better is the best since she’s been pregnant.

We spent the afternoon roaming around Back Bay Refuge in the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach and the light was AMAZING. I couple help but use the words “shut up” “OMG” and “GET OUT OF HERE” like 1 million times as I shot because it was just unreal. We talked about labor and “when you KNOW” your in REAL labor. I made them laugh so many times talking about all the interesting things I’ve experienced so far as a mother of 2. But most of all we talked about how EXCITED we were for Norah’s grand entrance. How she’s already so loved by her family and all the amazing friends Danieall and Josh have. We ended the session right off Little Island, there’a small cut across the street where they did their announcement photo’s and I only found it fitting to end our session there. Where they announced their pregnancy to the world. Shakespeare did say, “All’s well that Ends well” And Norah you are the light at the end of their tunnel. I can’t wait to meet you!!


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