Maya Turns EIGHT! 50 questions answered by an 8 year old! -

Maya Turns EIGHT! 50 questions answered by an 8 year old!

You’re EIGHT. I spent the entire day laboring with you EIGHT years ago.  I tell you all the time, that when the doctors gave you back to me after you were washed and clean and smelling like a MILLION BUCKS… I said “I’ve waited my ENTIRE life to meet you.”  I’m still in awe of what God gave me every single day I look at you. You help me be a better person. You help me see the funny things in life. You made me a MOM. Maya Elizabeth, you’re EIGHT years old and you are everything I could have hoped for thus far.  Yesterday, my phone rang while I was in the grocery store and when I answered it, It was your teacher Mrs. Bolotin. She called because she said she wanted to just let me know what a JOY you were to have in her class. That you are helpful and funny and kind. She said if she could have a classroom FILLED with nothing but Maya’s, she would be the happiest teacher EVER. She said that she had a moment to re-look at the GET TO KNOW ME PAGE I filled out at the beginning of school and read what I had written about you. She said I wrote: Maya is a joy to be around. She’s known to get the “best teachers helper award” shes KIND, and THOUGHTFUL and smart. You can hold a conversation with her and forget that she’s 7 (and that was said by her KINDERGARTEN TEACHER). Your teacher said “MOM- YOU’VE CHECKED ALL THE BOXES. YOU’RE DOING SUCH A WONDERFUL JOB RAISING HER.  I JUST FELT THE NEED TO CALL AND LET YOU KNOW THAT TODAY.”  <<–enter allll the mom tears here>>


So I’m starting something new that I found… Each year, I’m going to ask you and your sister 50 questions and your first answer is THE answer. I keep a log of all the funny things you say and this will be entered in it as well. Because one day I want to be able to say I can remember what you wanted to be when you were 8, and I also remember your favorite color and all the things that over time, sometimes slips away.


Happiest of Happy Birthdays MAYA! Your father and I are incredibly blessed to have such a SPECTACULAR daughter. We wish you everything the world can give you and pray for God to continue to guide you and show his love in every moment that you breathe.





  1. What is your favorite color?  BLUE
  2. What is your favorite song?  THE GREATEST SHOWMAN 
  3. What is your favorite food? CHEESEBURGERS
  4. Where is your favorite place to go to eat? BUFFALO WILD WINGS  (i think it’s b/c they have tablets)
  5. What is your favorite drink? DR. PEPPER (it use to be Root Beer like 3 days ago)
  6. What are you really good at? LEVEL 2 GYMNASTICS
  7. Who are your best friends? ALAINA IS MY BFF.. THEN AVERY, KENNEDY, AND MADILYN 
  8. What would you buy if you had $1,000?  IF I HAD A $1,000.00 I WOULD ACTUALLY GIVE IT TO THE HOMELESS
  10. If you could have a wish, what would you wish for?  TO TRY TO MAKE IT TO THE OLYMPIANS FOR GYMNASTICS -I think she meant OLYMPICS 
  11. Who is your biggest hero?  MY MOMMY AND DADDY
  12. What do you like to do with your best friends? TALK TO ALAINA ON THE MESSENGER
  13. What do you want to be when you grow up? A VET AND TAKE CARE OF POLICE ANIMALS AND MILITARY ANIMALS 
  14. What is your favorite show?  KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIPS
  15. What is your favorite movie? DESCENDANTS
  16. What is your favorite book? I DON’T HAVE A FAVORITE BOOK 
  17. What is your favorite animal?  CHEETAH 
  18. Where do you wish you could go on vacation? DISNEY WORLD
  19. What is your favorite piece of clothing?  THIS UNICORN SHIRT MY GRAMMY GOT ME
  20. What do you hope you will get to do before your next birthday?  GO TO DISNEY WORLD
  21. How much money do you think mommy and daddy have? ONE THOUSAND 300 MILLION DOLLARS  (yes girl… me tooooo)
  22. Where did daddy go to college? THE UNIVERSARY 
  23. Where did mommy go to college? SAME AS DADDY
  24. Where are you going to go to college? I HAVE NO IDEA, I DONT KNOW THE NAME OF A COLLEGE
  25. What one word would you use to describe your sister Addison? FUNNY
  26. What do you like most about daddy?? THAT HE PROTECTS OUR COUNTRY IN THE MILITARY 
  27. What is the farthest that you could run? 2-3 MILES
  28. What’s your favorite thing to do with Addie? TACKLE HER…. then Addie screams “SERIOUSLY?”
  30. What’s the happiest you’ve ever been? WHEN I GOT MY LOL HAIR GOAL
  31. What’s the best picture you’ve ever drawn? THIS PICTURE WAS OF ME AND MY FAMILY DECORATING A CHRISTMAS TREE
  32. What’s do you like most about the 2nd grade? WE GET TO GO OUTSIDE LIKE TWICE  DAY AND PLAY 
  33.  What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done? I ATE A CRICKET WITH MY NANA
  34. What’s something that always makes you laugh? WHEN SOMEONE TICKLES MY TUMMY
  35. What’s ONE thing you pray to God for every day?  I WANT TO KEEP THAT PRIVATE 
  36. What is daddy’s job? MILITARY – TO SERVE OUR COUNTRY
  37. What is mommy’s job? TO TAKE PICTURES 
  38. What’s the worst smell you’ve ever smelled? MY DAD’S FARTS!!!!!! 
  39. What is something that makes mommy happy? WHEN ME AND ADDISON DON’T FIGHT
  40. What is something that makes daddy happy? WHEN WE CLEAN THE BASEMENT 
  41. What is something that mommy has taught you?  MY MOM HAS TAUGHT ME WHEN SOMEONE BULLIES YOU – YOU SHOULD WALK AWAY 
  42. What is something that daddy has taught you? WHEN SOMEONE BULLIES YOU – YOU SHOULD PUNCH THEM IN THE NOSE
  43. Where would you like to travel to? I WOULD ACTUALLY LIKE TO GO TO NEW YORK. (she’s been there a lot!)
  44. What’s your favorite thing about being a big sister? THAT I GET TO DO ALL THE THINGS FIRST
  45. Can you spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? UM…….. SUAPISCHSYEDAS — WAIT. THAT WAS NOT CLOSE!!!!  
  46. What do you want to be for Halloween?  AN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST
  47. What language other than English would you speak all the time? CHINESE
  48. Who is the tallest person you know? GOD 
  49. Who is the prettiest person you know? ME… AND WELL YOU
  50. What is your favorite thing mommy and daddy do for you?  UMM.. DO MY LAUNDRY



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