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I LOVE visiting Orange, VA! Especially in the fall. It’s not far from Charlottesville and there’s something about the rolling hills, the bright crisp orange, and red leaves and well…. I’m pretty sure the wineries get me every time too!!! But Melissa and Jason chose this location because of all those things too!! When I first spoke with Melissa over the phone a year ago, she had told me how important her people were to her. Her family was #1 in her books and her friends came a close tie to them. She was looking for someone with beautiful photographs but someone who believed also in family, and they believed that the people you choose to be on this journey in life with you ….. were YOUR PEOPLE. They were just as much family as blood relatives. See, Melissa and Jason would do just about anything for their friends and family. They were giving, and when you were “in” you were IN. When we were halfway through that phone call, Melissa interrupted me with a fast “You’re HIRED” – she and I felt the same way about our friends, and like her friends, I was IN.

When I arrived in Orange, VA at Lakeland Farm, all her bridesmaids were running around in Navy silk robes. Hustling to get things done and the guys… well they were more worried about fishing by the lake for a little with a cold beer. Both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen were just doing their thing. I’m sure exactly how Melissa and Jason imagined it. When the ceremony began, their friends came hours and sat down on the most beautiful fall day ever in October! I mean, the sky was clear, the breeze was cool and the leaves had the best colors in them. Melissa and Jason promised forever in front all their friends with laughter and a lot of tears coming from not only them… but their people.

The reception went all night, while Melissa’s dad played Tennessee Whiskey live family members while her and Jason danced and yet again, it was my honor to be a part of their day. Gosh, I’m pretty lucky!!!








The Pavilion on Lakeland Farm | Melissa & Jason | Orange, VA


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