The Mill At Fine Creek | Richmond Wedding Photographer

The Mill At Fine Creek | Richmond, VA Wedding Photographer | Stacy & Cole

The Mill At Fine Creek is one of my favorite Richmond venues!!! I adore everything it has to offer, the multiple ceremony locations, the CREEK is romantic and quiet and I feel like the most loving couples that choose this venue, choose me too!!!! Enter in Stacy and Cole. I remember last July 31st talking to Stacy. Standing the last 24 hours in Virginia Beach as a resident. We were saying goodbye to friends having a beer at Green Flash. We were just hours away from moving to Maryland. Stacy had seen my wedding at The Mill At Fine Creek and she just felt like I was her girl. We laughed, we talked about my move and how living in Maryland doesn’t affect me shooting any Virginia weddings at all. In fact. the irony in most of my weddings last year and this year is that unless I was traveling BACK to Virginia Beach, all my weddings were almost the exact distance from Maryland to that Venue than Virginia Beach was. She was kind on the phone and the excitement in her voice as we talked got me pumped for her Richmond wedding. She talked about how much she loved all the tree’s and nature that surrounded The Mill At Fine Creek. She loved the creek and the tucked away feeling you had driving there.

Fast forward the year, in 2 failed attempts for an engagement session, Mother Nature had other plans every single time we tried to schedule their session. It snowed and snowed one day we had scheduled so much that it was nearly impossible for either of us to get to Downtown Richmond and then the next scheduled day, it rained cats and dogs. Stacy’s work schedule really was demanding and we had to skip over the engagements. So we hugged for the first time the day of her wedding. I walked into the bridal suite at The Mill At Fine Creek and instantly found her and we just hugged in excitement!! This blonde haired beauty was relaxed and watching everything unfold! She was able to sneak out the balcony and watch Amand Burnette her florist set the tables up and I watched her eyes get big and these big smiles sneak out of the corners of her mouth as she watched her day come to life. I think that’s one of my favorite moments of the day. She was still that kind, excited young woman that I talked to a year ago. Except today… was HER day.

Her ceremony was perfect, Francesca Battistelli played as they walked down the aisle and I remember thinking WHAT IS THIS SONG? It almost seemed perfect for her and I had to fight that feeling I seem to ALWAYS get in the back of my throat during ceremonies (one of my favorite parts of the day) She cried the entire way down the aisle with her Daddy holding onto her. It was simply the moment she had waited for. She took the time to look at her friends and family and then she locked eyes with Cole. The promised forever under The Mill At Fine Creeks new pergola with fabric draped on it sealed their day with a kiss and the rest of the evening they celebrated being Mr. & Mrs. Spicer!!!! The reception was great! Wooden table numbers, greenery, and flowers sat at the tables. Chivari chairs and simple yet perfect linens greeted each guest. The cake was a clean ribbon iced cake with flowers for decoration. And we caught the most PERFECT light down by the creek for their romantics before the sunset. If I didn’t call this a win for a wedding I don’t know what is!!!! Stacy and Cole, here’s to making it last a hundred years!!!!!




Venue: The Mill At Fine Creek

Dress: Ava Laurenne /Justin Alexander/Lillian West -Designer

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulus

Makeup: Jennifer Saunders Bridal

Hair: Spencer Gaulding

Mens Suits: MensJos A Bank

Florist: Amanda Burnette

Cake: Williams Bakery

DJ: DJ Kat

Chair Rental: Waterford

Signage & Invitation: Minted



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