So they can see that slice of life they're missing

I don't know how we do it... but we do. If someone asked me what set's apart The Deployment Sessions from any other session in your home while your spouse is deployed;  I would say it's because well, I GET IT. I'm not expecting a clean, organized and photo ready home. I come prepared for just about anything. I almost want to hear "Well, it was going great until this one pee'd his pants, I got thrown up on by the baby and well... there's cheerios all over the kitchen floor"  It's that messy middle that I just come to expect as a normal day. They just happen when you're powering through life on your own. Because I AM YOU. I'm a military wife with 2 kids who has done the countless deployments. I wear all the hats. I bandage all the boo-boos and I've had my fair share of cleaning up Cheerios. 

These sessions are so much more. 

What are the deployment sessions?

 It's a chance to share all the craziness that they miss out on. You know, those days or nights when they call and it's just at the worst time ever. Or they have a minute to talk and you've just finally gotten the kids down and you just don't feel like talking. All you really want to do is sit on the couch and catch up on the last 3 weeks of This is Us and just CRY at something else that isn't YOUR LIFE.  Now, don't get me wrong; there are great days too!!! Days where you feel like you've won the lotto! But it's not all champagne and strawberries.. however, it's the next best thing to it.  You want to know why?
   Because it's the life you chose to live and you're doing it with the most amazing solider you know and this is just proof that you're BOTH doing something big together . 

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"It was so nice just to talk about the deployment and things she can relate to-she's been through it, A LOT. She really took the time to capture things I wouldn't even think of but they made such a difference in the pictures. "

-The Belcher Family

"It was just a normal night, with normal routines, no poses and THAT'S what he's truly missing?"


 "Amanda was so kind and warm right from the start ! She somehow worked her magic with our 3yo to get her to talk and smile and participate ! Those who know my kid know that is a rare thing. "

-The George Family

"Our images are amazing and it's a gift I'll treasure for a lifetime.."


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